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Top 5 black parents on TV

Wise, hardworking, fiercely loving... and just a little bit wacky from time to time, we’ve watched these black parents go to bat for their offspring, go through thick and thin as couples, and generally be iconic figures who may have informed our own ideas of parenting. Here are 5 black TV parents who we all loved.

Julius and Rochelle Rock - Everybody Hates Chris

Living in 80s Bed-Stuy and parents to the megastar comedian we all know today; Rochelle, as formidable as she was affectionate, held down the Rock family with a fierce mouth and a protectiveness true to every black mother. No TV dad penny-pinched as proudly as Julius. Hardworking and loveable, Julius always put his family first. Julius and Rochelle Rock embodied the working-class grit many of us recognised and admired in our parents.

Michael and Janet Kyle - My Wife and Kids

No parents ran hare-brained schemes against their children like Michael and Janet Kyle. Raising airheaded Junior, self-obsessed Clare and cute little ball of cuteness Kady, the Kyles took on each parenting challenge with humour, cunning and love. Michael and Jay were true partners in crime dropping gems of wisdom as well as wisecracks and keeping us endlessly entertained.

Randall and Beth Pearson - This Is Us

Beth and Randall Pearson are the go-getting power team residing over little girls Tess and Annie, as well as adoptive daughter Deja. Randall is selfless, endearingly corny and wears his heart on his sleeve; an important example of black male vulnerability and masculinity. Beth stands equal with her husband, savvy, smart and pretty much hair goals every single episode. Loving on each other in big, cheesy fashion, as passionately as their youth, these two truly are a husband and wife team we aspire to be one day.

Bo and Dre Johnson - Blackish

Proudly ride or die for their children, even if it means embarrassing them, Bo and Dre Johnson are fun, flashy and successful. Blessed with an envious lifestyle, yet determined to educate their kids with the culture, history and life lessons needed to be black in America. Enlightening us as well as the Johnson children, Bo and Dre are examples of keeping it real no matter where life takes you.

Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv - The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Could there have been anyone else?? The ultimate black TV parents, Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv took their loveable clown nephew Will Smith from West Philadelphia and raised him in wealthy Bel-Air. Aunt Viv took no prisoners and always stood up for what she believed in, sharp, shady and a legendary dancer. Uncle Phil was the gruff father-figure Will needed, protecting his family through thick and thin, as well as being part of one of the most emotional TV episodes ever. The Banks parents stood as a picture of black prosperity at a time when it was still little-shown on TV, yet remained as unapologetically black as ever. We love the Banks parents just as much today as we did all those years ago.

Honourable mentions:

Flex Washington (One on One)

John "Pops" Williams (The Wayans Bros)

Blanca (Pose)

There we have our top 5 black parents on TV, did your favourites make the list? Who did we miss? Let us know across our socials and stay tuned to Black Happiness Matters for more celebrations of black life and positivity.

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