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Stories of Black Happiness

Black Happiness Matters is a community social enterprise driven by the goal of sharing stories of Black joy to inspire and radiate happiness.

With all the unrest this year, that hasn’t seemed to stop, a global pandemic, the passing of our heroes and the continued Black Lives Matter protests - it has been a very trying and testing time for us all.

2020 has also seen a number of great stories of triumph and success in the Black community. It’s more important than ever as Black people to protect our happiness and celebrate our triumphs, talents, creative expression, wins and successes. In the spirit of supporting our talented and innovative community we share with you “Stories of Black Happiness”.

Laugh, Dance, Create, Inspire, Nurture, Travel, Dream, Inspire, Achieve. Black people do it all. Our happiness matters. As we move into Black History Month it's more important than ever to recognise the ancestors and icons that have paved the way, and no matter what the challenge, to retain our joy and our peace and keep setting the world alight with our excellence.

So many of you shared your videos and pictures of what Black Happiness means to you - thank you!

Check the video out across all of our socials!

Black Happiness Matters

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