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5 top tips for wellness

It’s always been important to look after ourselves in mind, body and spirit, but in a world that seems non stop with daily demands and activities we often pass up the chance. 2020 has been a difficult year for us all, particularly Black people. As resilient as we are as people, it’s more essential than ever that we prioritise our mental health. So settle down and get ready to boost your dopamine with these 5 top tips for wellness.

Take time away from social media

It feels like everyone is saying this these days - for a reason. In a connected world where many of us tend to get their news and entertainment from platforms like Twitter or Instagram, it can feel like we’re missing out if we’re not scrolling every 5 minutes. On the flipside, in these trying times, it can be tiring having a constant stream of everyone’s worry, pain and anger at what’s happening in the world right now. I know you’ll miss the cat videos. But it might be worth spending a little time away from social media; to not only give you some perspective but a chance to immerse yourself in a different activity that may give your emotion and mental energy a rest.

Find or create a soothing playlist

Music can be the best way to create a more calming environment. Lose yourself in collating some of your most joyful, reflective songs, or let Spotify do the work and find a serotonin-boosting playlist that’s all ready to go. Lock into radio stations that are in tune with your mood or magnify the culture such as NoSignal Radio.


This one is pretty simple, yet resting can sometimes be the hardest thing to do. Assess how much rest you’re currently getting; are you getting to sleep just before the birds are back out? How often do you take breaks whilst working? Even though we’re working from home it’s still important to leave your desk, room or working space and take a moment to relax.

Zen your space.

It’s hard to clear your mind when the space you’re in is cluttered or dull. Pop on the playlist you just created and have a tidy up; you may find this lets the light into your room (which increases serotonin), as well as opening up the floor you’re used to only seeing 60% of. If your space needs some brightening then why not buy a plant? Add some life and enjoy watching it grow.

Volunteer or donate.

Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is to do for others. It can be something small like donating funds to a local charity, or a cause close to your heart. Or as we move into autumn and you start digging in your wardrobe for comfy jumpers and joggers, consider putting a few items aside that haven’t been worn in a while and donating them. Chilly nights aren’t far away and there are many who would benefit from some warm clothing.

Those are just a few tips for self-care; whichever way you choose to look after yourself make sure you give yourself that time on a regular basis. You deserve it.

Do you have any wellness tips you think others should know about? Why not let us know via our social channels or our website? Follow Black Happiness Matters on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and stay tuned to our website or BHM Club newsletter for even more happiness content and reasons to keep smiling.

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