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Shared Stories Of Happiness

Hello and welcome to Black Happiness Matters.

Black Happiness Matters is a world-wide movement driven by the goal of sharing stories of Black joy to inspire and radiate happiness. 

It’s more important than ever as Black people to protect our happiness and celebrate our triumphs, so we’ll be bringing you a round-up of content, creative expression, motivational quotes, as well as tips for wellbeing and sharing positive stories, joyful news and highlighting black-owned business.

We hope to inspire you and share some happiness.

Shared Stories: About Us
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Stories of Black Happiness

Get Involved

Share your moments of joy, happiness and laughter with us as part of our stories of black happiness campaign. Send us a photo or video that shows what black happiness means to you -
Deadline: 6th August 2020 
Selected content will be included in our stories of black happiness montage. These will be shared on our social media platforms to share stories of black joy to inspire and radiate happiness. 

Shared Stories: Who We Are
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