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Black Happiness Matters

Sharing stories of black joy to inspire and radiate happiness

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Stories of Black Happiness

Laugh, Dance, Create, Inspire, Nurture, Travel, Dream, Inspire, Achieve. Black people do it all. Our happiness matters. As we move into Black History Month it's more important than ever to recognise the ancestors and icons that have paved the way, and no matter what the challenge, to retain our joy and our peace and keep setting the world alight with our excellence. So many of you shared your videos and pictures of what Black Happiness means to you - thank you!

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Stories of Black Happiness

Share your moments of joy, happiness and laughter with us as part of our stories of black happiness campaign. Send us a photo or video that shows what black happiness means to you 

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Our Mission

Black Happiness Matters is a community social enterprise, we are driven by our goal of sharing stories of black joy to inspire and radiate happiness.

Our mission focuses on 

  1. Telling positive stories to inspire and motivate communities

  2. Lifting spirits by developing a shared sense of happiness within communities and beyond

  3. Promoting self-love, confidence and well-being to make a positive impact with all of our pursuits

  4. Reversing the negative attitudes and perception to make a positive impact 

We aim to share black happiness through education, entertainment, original content and events promoting self love, confidence and well-being. Our ambition is to make sure these stories are heard and shared.

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Black Happiness Matters was founded by Imani Silver Kyaruzi with the belief "an ounce of happiness can change the world”. Imani says "It seems we have somehow forgotten to celebrate our happier times". He sees Black Happiness Matters as the best way to reverse this and create a sense of happiness. He believes that happiness can be inherited and passed onto generations and we can “start planting the right seeds of love and happiness”.

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Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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